Q: Do you have any advice on what we should wear?

A: Clothing and grooming tips-

First and foremost get a good night’s sleep the night before your session, as with anything being well rested makes you feel and look better! Take a deep breath and relax!  Schedule your session ahead of time and not during your busiest week of the year. There is a lot to do to prepare for a successful session, give yourself plenty of time to do so.


General Information:


  • Dress fashionably and simple.
  • Stay away from logos or big patterns.
  • Avoid having to many layers or accessories
    • These can all become a distraction.
  • I advise long or ¾ sleeve shirts for parents
  • Dark jeans or slacks are a good choice and slimming!
  • Go ahead and have the unique upbeat style on the kids we want them to stand out!
  • Think texture, color, and dimension!
  • Take time well before you session to layout all of your outfits and accessories.
    • Take a quick snapshot or cell phone pic and send it to me, it will help me customize your session and know what locations and props will go good with your attire!


  • Moisturize skin and lips before a session but do not overdo it, shine is the enemy!
  • Remove all hats and sunglasses unless they are coordinating with the session.
  • Brush hair and teeth.
  • Spit out any Tobacco products, cough drops, candy, sunflower seeds or gum.
  • Remove anything in your pockets that maybe bulky such as wallets, cell phones and keys.
  • Choose a style of clothing that reflects your family’s style!
  • Clothing that is timeless, coordinates well and compliments each other is always a plus.
    • I usually advise families to dress the hardest person first and build around that!
    • Keep in mind if you’re not comfortable or your kids are not comfortable it may show in your portraits!
  • Consider is where you plan on displaying your photos;
    • You may need to consider coordinating clothing with your home décor.
  • Clothing should be clean, well-fitting and wrinkle free.
  • Hands and feet may show in photos.
    • Nails need to be clean and well groomed.
    • Shoes can either add or can detract from your family portrait so choice accordingly.
      • Shoes or no shoes should coordinate with your clothing choice!
  • I always advise parents to pack wipes, hairbrushes, hairspray, lint roller, and maybe even paper towels or tissues to blot excess sweat and shine if needed.



  • Shaving is important unless you normally wear facial hair.
  • Shave within a few hours before your session, a 5 o’clock shadow will make editing your photos complicated.
  • You may be a man’s man and I understand that however if you have unruly eyebrows, nose or ear hair please trim!
  • Oh and guys please bring your smiles you may be a tough guy but I promise we will have a little fun. A big smile from you will make your significant other very happy in the long run!!!



  • Tans
    • Avoid tanning beds or spray tans at least a week before your session.
      • This can cause you to have a burnt look, orange glow, or tan lines in your photos.
      • I charge extra to edit this.
  • Hair
    • If you are wanting a new hair color or style do so at least two weeks before your session.
    • I want you to be sure you are comfortable with your new look.
  •  Make-up
    • Make-up should be a bit brighter than your usual wear but not overboard.
    • Avoid glimmer, shimmer and shine, it photographs poorly.
  • Shaving
    • Some poses may reveal underarms legs and toes so it is important to shave.
  • Hairbands
    • Remember to take the hairband off your wrist.



  • Children should be well rested
  • Make sure your children have eaten before the session. Hungry, tired kids are not happy kids!
    • Bring snacks and drinks.
      • Bring items that are not messy, sticky, or colored.
    • Their favorite toys, these will help and can be used as a distraction if needed.
  • Please make sure your child’s face, hands and feet are clean as well!



Q: What happens if my child freaks out?

A: Behavior-

    • This is a completely normal fear and I get it! Kids are unpredictable and sometimes a temper tantrum is inevitable. When this happens, I will simply take a little break, allow you to calm your child down by talking/feeding/playing  and then take the appropriate steps to easing back into the session.
      The number one thing I need from you as parents is to not worry so much about how your child is acting just relax and think of it as playtime!
    • Of course, if your child is acting inappropriately I expect you to correct their behavior.
    •  I have no problem waiting while you hold a small time out for your child if needed.
    • I still want you to look out for their safety.
    • I will never force photos or send you on your way. That's a promise!
    • Hand the control over to me for a while; you worry about your pose and your smile while I worry about how your child is posing and if they are smiling!
  • One thing I have had happen time and time again is getting the little one’s attention and capture the perfect pose and expression from that child. Mom and dad look like complete goofballs because they were so worried about how the child looked. This may make a great out take photo but let’s face it we all want that picture perfect pose! This is my job, I expect to take several breaks when I work with little ones. I do not expect they will sit still and act perfectly; very rarely do I come across a child that does exactly what I ask throughout the entire session! To your child I am a stranger it is my job to get the child comfortable around me. At times I have to get really silly in order to do that and so do you! I also tend to love the lifestyle moments, those moments when you are just being goofy with your kids! I have a ton of patience and this is one reason I try not to put time limits on my sessions! At times I will use a small piece of candy (usually Smarties) to encourage your child to do what is asked of them or hold their attention, please let me know before the session if you do not want me doing this.


Q: Oh no it is supposed to be really windy and rain the day of our session, what do we do?

A:  Weather-

  • It’s Nebraska; we rarely ever are going to have a perfect day! I promise we will work around wind gusts.With exception to temperature   cloud cover, light drizzle or snow is also okay and sometimes can make the photos very beautiful and unique! Be smart and prepare, bring jackets, blankets umbrellas or anything that can help keep you comfortable in unfavorable weather! I do watch the forecast when I have sessions scheduled. In the past I have rescheduled sessions due to predicted poor weather forecasts, only to have it turn out to be one of the most beautiful days ever. I now try to wait to reschedule until just a few hours prior to the start of the session. On days conditions are hazardous I will not do a session that will put lives at risk and will notify you to reschedule.


Q: What if I have a location in mind that I would like you to take our photos at?


A: Location-

  • Will you come to our home or can we pick the location?
  • Absolutely, if you have a location in mind please just inform me well be the session date, I will need to come and assess the lighting. If you having an in home session please be aware that I will ask to look around your home to find the rooms with the best lighting and things I can incorporate into your session. I may also bring an assistant with me.